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La belle mixtape
La belle mixtape

Pretty Pink feat. Ian Late - Hey Girl (Pretty Pink Remix)

Publié le 03/09/2014 à 21h45 Signaler cette vidéo
Pretty Pink impresses deep-house audiences with her remarkable taste in sound and energetic performances around the globe. During the week you can spot her in the studio melting her very own exclusive ideas in a unique mixture of sound. Her last single: „Schöner Moment“ –which is the German expression for a truly beautiful moment, together with Chapeau Claque – an German Indie-Band- hit the domestic market so hard that she reached the iTunes charts instantly. Her brand new track: "Hey Girl" featuring Ian Late also is an impressive mix with heart and soul. Ian Late is known for his catchy melodies and lyrics. He manifests honest sound with a fragile peeks and is since 2012 after releasing a debut EP an accepted international artist. They foucoused on an idea and came up with a charming and rolling deep-house interpretation with lots of. Hey Girl states out how remarkable and authentic deep-house can be.


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Photo by Ines Rehberger

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