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28 Best Skateboard Fail Nominees: FailArmy Hall of Fame (August 2017)

Publié le 20/08/2017 à 14h00 Signaler cette vidéo
Skateboarding fails are as native to FailArmy as coconuts to a palm tree. Vote for your favorite skateboarding fail of all-time to be included in the end of year Hall Of Fame induction ceremony and video. Vote by leaving a comment below! Have a video of your own? Submit it at


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Skateboarder Trips and Spills Coffee
Skateboarder Nutshots Self on Rail
Guy Practicing Rail Grind Smashes His Nuts
Skateboarder in Red Shirt Fails at Rail Grind
Skateboarder Fails Grind and Lands on Nuts
Skater Attempts to Jump over a Table
Drunk Skater Makeshift Ramp
Skateboarder into Trash Can
Skateboard Jumps over Wall and Takes out Other Guy
Dad's Skateboarding Attempt Ends Painfully
Drop In Skateboarding Wipe Out
Shopping Cart Indoor Ramp Fail
Scooter Rider and Mountainboarder during Trick
Kid on and Breaks Homemade Ramp
Skateboarders Slam Into Each Other During Competition
Skateboarder Gets Hit in Face by Own Board
Car Crushes Guy's Skateboard
Skateboarder Breaks Board and Hurts Nuts
Skateboarder Freaks Out after Failing
Skateboarder Almost Hit by Bus
Skate Trick Results in Nutshot
Skater Fails and Board Hits Head
Skater Disappearing Act
Skateboarding Flip Over Indoor Ramp
Skateboarder Smashes Nuts on Rail
Skateboarding Fail from Roof to Dumpster
Skateboarder Smashes Nuts after Jump
Skateboarder Slams Face on Rail
Skateboarding Rail Slide Loses Board and Faceplants
Skater Faceplant
Skateboarder Gets Nut Shot on Bench
Skateboard Fail Bounces Up to Nutshot

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