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FailArmy After Dark: That's Going To Cost You (Ep. 9)

Publié le 09/09/2017 à 14h00 Signaler cette vidéo
Its time for FailArmy After Dark! Get your weekend going with a round up of some of our favorite fail compilations! We got animal fails, tragic misadventures with pizza, and a few really weird clips. Sit back, relax, and get your weekend on!


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Teacher Gets Hit in Nuts During Demonstration
Physics Teacher Takes Ax to Nuts
Girl Tries to Dance and Faceplants Onstage at Graduation
Kid Purposefully Knocks Himself Out on Doorway
Chemistry Lab Demo Sets Off Sprinklers
Bottle Rocket Science Experiment Headshot Fail
Girl Falls Trying to to Slam-Dunk off Teammate's Back
Falling Asleep at School Desk Prank
Graduation Graduate Falls Off Stage
Classroom Three Chair Jump Fail
Pole Breaks Mid-Pole Vault
Show Off Gone Wrong - Kid eats it trying to impress girls
Little Witch Gets Stage Fright - Like a Projectile
Dry Ice Bottle Blows Up in Kid's Hand
Steeplechase Racer Falls into Water
Pole Vaulter Misses Jump and Hits Self in Face
Referee Inadvertently Clobbers Wide Receiver
Cheerleader Faceplants during Handspring
Basketball Gets Stuck in Final Game Shot
Football Quarterback Runs into Referee
PE Teacher Obstacle Course Nutshot
Cheerleader Backflips onto Head
Teacher Falls on Segway inside School
Scooter Kid Falls Hopping Stairs in School
Falling Asleep at School Desk Prank
Guy Slips during Hammer Throw Attempt
Pre-school Graduation Fail
Student Tries to Jump over Multiple Classroom Chairs
Frontflip off Classroom Desk Ends Badly
BMXer Lands Headfirst on Stairwell Grind
Guy Moves when Friend Tries to Jump Over Him
Boy Fails at Gymnastics Stunts on Mat

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