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Best Fails of the Week: No Training Wheels! (March 2018) | FailArmy

Publié le 23/03/2018 à 14h00 Signaler cette vidéo
Best Fails of the Week is back and we're taking off the training wheels! We've got a few kids failing, an amazing instant karma, and a insane motorcycle fail. Plus, dearest FailArmy fans, we've got a surprise from Johnny Knoxville for you.


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Bulldog Humps Woman's Leg
Dog Falls in Gap Between Bed and Window
Guy Falls off Dirt Bike
Kid Riding Hoverboard Smashes Into Wall
Guy Hits Friend with Car While Drifting in Snow
Soccer Goal Falls on Kids Head
Yogi Faceplants Ground After Falling off Stool
Two Guys Sledding Down Hill Run Into Bystanders
Impatient Driver Gets Pulled Over by Police
Girl Hits Head During Pole Dance Practice
Guy Crashes into Basketball Pole
Girl Slips on Icy Stairs
Guy Falls in Water After Jumping Over Creek
Guy Vaulting Over Creek Snaps Pole and Falls in Water
Ocean Wave Washes Away Woman's Phone
Boy Gets Bit by Cat While Petting
Guy Slips and Slides Into Water Trying to Save Credit Card
Guy Faceplants Floor After Flipping of Bar
Skier Fails to Complete Roof Jump
Guy Knocks Down Drone With Flip Flop
Guy Tries to Hop Bike on Rail Dude Falls During Impromptu Race
Guy Accidentally Knocks Down Kid After Jumping Over Wall
Downhill Skier Tumbles off Ledge
Boy Faceplants Pavement After Scooter Jump Gone Wrong
Dad Walks Into Sign While Watching Daughter Ride Bike
Girl Can't Stand on Elbows
Tree Almost Falls on Lumberjack's Truck
Little Boy Knees Himself in Face
Motorcyclist Slides Between Wheels of Semi
Father Bumps Son With Door Playing Peekaboo
Skier and Snowboarder Crash on Same Jump
Guy Loses Motorbike After Attempting to Cross River
Snowboarder Breaks Table

Best Fails of the Week: No Training Wheels! (March 2018) | FailArmy

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