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Spring Got Sprung: Spring into Action (April 2018) | FailArmy

Publié le 24/04/2018 à 15h00 Signaler cette vidéo
Hello again! We are back with a fresh compilation just in time for spring! We have people falling into ice, falling into rivers, and much more! Submit your videos to


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Drone Captures Snowmobile Breaking Through Ice
Hunter Tries to Crawl Across Ice and Falls Through
Girl Falls through Ice
Testing Ice Thickness Falls through Ice on Lake
Dude Falls Through Ice
Truck Stuck in Ice
Guy Falls in Crossing Frozen Pond
Guy in Boxers Falls through Ice
Guy Falls Through Thin Ice
Guy Falls Through Ice, Friends Save Him
Teens Run Across Frozen Lake Ice Fails
Two Friends Fall on Frozen Lake
Kids Shoot Rocket Under Frozen Lake
Ice Cave Roof Collapses
Toddler Slips and Faceplants in Puddle
Skier Falls Backward Into Dirty Water
Guy Falls Into Frozen Water at Playground
Guy Stomping on Iceburg Fails
Kid Trips on Frozen Lake
Guy Falls into Freezing Water
Guy Stands on Frozen Pool and Hits it with Hammer
Mom Falls into Frozen Pool
Father and Son Fall off Spring Rider at Playground
Guy Crashes into Rocks with Rope Swing
Man Rips Through Trampoline
Woman Falls on Pogo Stick
Girl Slams Head onto Ground After Attempted Backflip
Grown Man Falls off Spring Animal
Mountain Biker Crosses Bridge and Flips over Handlebars
Cliff Jump Hits Rock and Falls

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