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Wheelie Gone Wrong: Fails of the Week (May 2018) | FailArmy

Publié le 11/05/2018 à 18h00 Signaler cette vidéo
It's that time again, ladies and gentlemen! We have a brand new compilation featuring brand new fails for you! This one is packed with motorcycle fails, pandas, and more! Submit your video to!


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Motorcycle Burnout Interrupted by Failed Stoppie
Girl Continuously Slips and Falls on Ice Skating Rink
Guy Rides Motorcycle off Roof of House
Guy Fails to Jump From Porch to Trampoline
Skateboarder Crashes Into Little Girl on Scooter
Freerunner Faceplants After Attempting Backflip off Fence
Guy Tries to Drift in Snowcat
Guys Tumble off Picnic Table While Attempting to Use Slingshot
Dog Accidentally Steps on Puppy's Poop
Dog Accidentally Kicks Toddler
Dog Accidentally Knocks Down and Breaks Mirror
Guy Loses Kiteboarding Kite in Wind
Pole Dancer Fails Backflip and Falls on Head
Skateboard Falls into Storm Drain
Grandfather on Sled Knocks Down and Catches Granddaughter
Guy Falls During Footrace
Soccer Ball Knocks Over Phone
Flames Erupt out of Grill
Guy Tries to Crack Egg on Friend's Neck
Guy Kicks Girlfriend in Face While Performing Backflip
Guy Bellyflops Into Puddle of Mud
Bulldog Accidentally Flips Over Yoga Ball
Daughter Scares Mom With Air Horn
Guy Can't Backflip on Dirt Bike
Model Falls on Background During Photoshoot
Little Girl Practicing Ballet Accidentally Punches Sister in Face
Baby Panda Falls off Bed
Guy Loses Balance on Pipe and Falls in Creek
Girl Falls off Spinning Toy and Knocks Object on Head
Baby Pees on Birthday Cake During Photo Shoot

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