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Drop On In!: Fails of the Week (June 2018) | FailArmy

Publié le 15/06/2018 à 18h00 Signaler cette vidéo
The week is coming to a close, and we’ve pulled in the best fails of the week for your viewing pleasure. We’ve got skateboard fails, a crazy fire fail and a funny trampoline fail! Let us know which is your favorite below! See you next week.


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Crow Poops on Woman's Head
Guy Flips ATV Into Mud While Attempting to Climb Small Hill
Debris Falls on Top of Car
Table Breaks After Face Smashed into Cake
Guy Breaks Through Fence During Dizzy Bat Race
Guy Immediately Falls off Homemade Zip Line
Van Pulls Fallen Trailer
Laundromat Dryer Ejects Clothes onto Floor
Dog Attempts to Bite Air Coming From Air Compressor
Guy Slips off Log and Crushes Nuts
Grandfather Slams Head First Into Wall After Playing Dizzy Bat
Cat stuck in trash can
Truck Driver Carelessly Crashes Into Trailer of Other Truck
Guy Regretfully Slides Down Wet Pavement
Skateboarder Tries to Jump Over Friend
Campfire Explodes in Guy's Face
Dad Helps Daughter Break Piñata
Woman Accidentally Breaks Garbage Bag Outside Dumpster
Girl Falls Through Trampoline
Motorcyclist Falls After Doing Wheelie
Guy Falls off Zip-Line onto Kayaks
Aggressive Swan Attacks Woman
Motorcyclist Almost Ran Over by Car
Rock Smashes Truck

Drop On In!: Fails of the Week (June 2018) | FailArmy

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