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Miguel Mendonça: We are the Disclosure

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Miguel Mendonça: We are the Disclosure
12th Show November 23 2016
Miguel Mendonça was my guest, live from the UK
Since his book « Meet the Hybrids », Miguel has written and published a very extensive 2-Part Research in his 2 latest books « We are the Disclosure I & II ».
He interviewed 27 people in the E.T. community field about Disclosure and the consciousness aspects of the phenomenon in our Human/E.T. close encounter history.
We’ll be discussing E.T. Disclosure & Human/E.T. interaction: What it means to Humanity and our consciousness paradigm shift !
Miguel Mendonça

Miguel Mendonça is an Anglo-Azorean author based in Bristol, England. Primarily a geographer by training, he worked internationally as a sustainability policy analyst and campaigner, specializing in renewable energy, before moving into the field of ET-human interaction. In 2015 he co-authored Meet the Hybrids with Barbara Lamb, a study of the lives of eight ET-human hybrids living on Earth.

His latest work is We Are the Disclosure, a two-part people's history of the development of the ET field, featuring interviews with 27 people. The blending of their wide variety of backgrounds, skills, experiences and contributions has created a study of unprecedented depth and breadth, and shows that this consciousness-expanding subject offers humanity a way to better understand reality, and the nature of the self.

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