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Beth Martens : Archetype healings & putting an end to the gender wars!

Publié le 03/09/2019 à 19h25 Signaler cette vidéo
Beth Martens is my guest, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, in Canada
In this 13th show on DTV, Dimensions TV, and third Show of 2019!
Beth Martens : Archetype healings & putting an end to the gender wars!
How can we get rid of our demons & archetype healing: her personal and coaching experience
The Amphibian archetypes : mankind’s origins
Weaponized hyper-feminism feeding gender wars
Tuesday 3 2019
At 10:30PM Pacific / 1:30PM Eastern US / 6:30PM GMT UK / 7:30PM Paris on DTV

Beth Martens

She defines herself as a “Business coach, an archetype reader and ‘MerPreneur’, she’s been helping healers, teachers, coaches, artists and transformers to create divinely aligned businesses, without having to give up anything they love, or crash from going in too many directions – so they can make their big or small contribution to freeing the human community from its social, economic and mental slavery.”

She’s a cancer survivor, and she’s had to rethink her life entirely after she was diagnosed with the terminal phase of this illness over 20 years ago, she lost everything, and recovered miraculously!

Today, she coaches women who make a business out of their life purpose, and men who attempt to survive their life purpose… her goal is to assist others with creating a spiritually and financially rewarding business!

Inspired by Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, she’s been thriving on the archetype warrior posture, in order to help others and herself get through our trauma-based human life’s hardships & journey!


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