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WHAT'S STEAM CONTROLLER ? AND WHY USE IT ? (part2)(VF sans st en description)

Publié le 22/07/2019 à 10h29 Signaler cette vidéo
By talking about their controller, Valve has often communicated about their desire to offer the precision of the mouse in the comfort of a classic controller. If this definition was indeed attractive, it was however pretty far from transcribing the main advantage of the Steam Controller, which in reality is inspired at least as much by the keyboard, but in the ergonomics of a controller. This forgotten part of the equation has never really been mentioned by Valve or by the hasty verdicts of the press and yet this advantage is not lacking in resources. If the interest of finding this device in the Steam Controller will clearly have less impact on people's minds than to find the precision of the mouse, physically speaking though, the bet to bring so much hardware into a so little space was even more audacious. And this bet has been largely won.
And as for the mouse accuracy, you'll understand through the Steam Controller, the error that too many controllers still make to really compete with it. Even if the Steam Controller has got a little closer than the other controllers to the famous objective.

This video wasn't and isn't intended to show advanced configuration techniques for the Steam Controller. Here the configuration tool will only be shown superficially to illustrate my ideas.

I started making this video two years ago. So today, two extra years of using the Steam Controller would justify some adjustments in the ideas i'm sharing in this video, but in general they are still relevant.

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