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Sherry Swiney: Mind parasites & solutions ; How to free our mind ! on DTV

Publié le 29/09/2018 à 21h27 Signaler cette vidéo
Sherry Swiney: Mind parasites & solutions ; How to free our mind !
Sherry Swiney is my guest, from Kentucky, USA
In this 8th show on DTV Dimensions TV
Mind parasites & solutions : How to free our mind !
From early childhood programming to social engineering, negative thoughts & voices in our heads are triggered by external entities!
Sherry will talk to us about her experiences & her « That’s a lie program » method & much more..
Sherry Swiney : Mind parasites & solutions ; How to free our mind !
Saturday September 29 2018
At 12:30PM Pacific / 3:30PM Eastern US / 8:30PM GMT UK / 9:30PM Paris on DTV

Sherry Swiney

As a young woman, Sherry was plagued by dark side entities. She was able to eliminate them from her life without help from psychologists or psychiatrists, and without taking their toxic drugs. Today, she helps others learn how to do what she did to free herself. Her article “THE THAT’S A LIE PROGRAM” explains the method.

Excerpt from the article on her Blog:

“For those of you who hear voices or are consumed by strong and obsessive negative thoughts, it is critical that you understand that the voices and persistent negative thoughts that plague you are not yours. They come from outside of you and do not belong to you.

They are not hallucinations and you are not crazy. They are energy parasites and must turn your energy negative in order to utilize it as food. Their survival depends on draining and feeding off of your negative energy.”

Sherry has a bachelor’s degree in Business. She studied Civil Engineering in college for two years. She worked in the corporate world for over 30 years as a construction engineer and contracts manager on major construction projects across the United States.

Sherry’s website is

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