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Bien-être Spiritualité Psychologie et Méditation
Bien-être Spiritualité Psychologie et Méditation

Silence & Sumptuous Sunrise - Freedom & Simple Life - Morning meditation...

Publié le 13/06/2018 à 03h41 Signaler cette vidéo
In the silence: Find Your Purpose in Life - - Choose Freedom!!! - Find a Life Coach - Frederic shares with us an inspiring silent sunrise, to reflect on our life & purpose...

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- To discover his book and adventures:

How to Find Your Life Purpose in 5 minutes?
How to be Happy and Fulfilled?
How to live your dreams?
How to find your passion?
How to find harmony in life and relationships?

FREDERIC DELTOUR shares with you all the strategies he learned from great masters.

He is a renowned Counsellor, Author, and Speaker.
He organizes Retreat all around the world to share what he learned from his numerous experiences...

After being an athlete in Judo for almost 20 years, he became a sport coach, stuntman and model.
He practiced yoga, tai chi and meditation for more than 13 years and learned with yogis and Buddhist monks for several months in Asia.
He has also created three companies specialized in health and renewable energy.
Many people are seeking his advice as a life coach and spiritual guide.
He traveled around the world for 7 years and published several books, already translated in French, English, Spanish, German and Italian.
He now gives lectures all around the world in French, English and Spanish.
Discover his amazing life in his book "Listen to your heart and live your dreams!"

Frederic is an inspiration for all of us, he proves that we can live our dreams, showing us that anything is possible.
He is a reflection of his teachings on how to be healthy, successful and happy.

You can contact him for Coaching and guidance via Skype.


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